“Learning Together”

Children are never too young to have ideas,

Listening adults nurture their ideas,

Children learn with adults, 

Adults learn with children

At Tanglewood we aim to provide a fun and nurturing learning environment to promote children’s independence, well-being and development, in a supportive and respectful partnership with children, their families and the wider community.    

Tanglewood Nursery School was founded in 1946 and was formerly in Corporation Road, Chelmsford. Corporation Road Nursery School was initially set up as a nursery school so that the women could return to work while the men where at war. In later years the air raid shelter became the bike shed!   The Nursery was relocated to its current site in Melbourne Avenue in September 1985.  Building work to the front of the nursery was started in September 2011 and we moved into the new office area, library and staff room in January 2012.  A second piece of land was aquired in 2012 and we created our forest garden. Ground works were started in the back garden during the summer of 2014 with the addition of a second hill, trees, and our giant sandpit with water pump.  We have started an exciting new phase in 2015, we have opened Little Tanglewood for 2 year olds. The project was started in August 2015 and 2 year olds were admitted in Sepember to a temporary base in Green room, we hope the building will be complete by half term. Staff took the children for play visit sessions after half term to introduce them to the new building and they all moved in to the new Building on Monday 16th November.

Tanglewood has a long tradition of child centred education where learning through play forms the basis for our children to become active and independent learner. We aim always to provide a happy, calm and secure environment where children can explore, investigate, reflect and try things out with confidence.

We aim to establish a good working relationship with parents and carers by respecting their knowledge of the child and using this to continue the child’s learning journey. We do this by providing a broad and balanced curriculum which seeks to enable children to develop children to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually and morally. Within all layers of the nursery curriculum comprising of child development, nursery curriculum, following and building on children’s interest and a light touch topic based approach we aim to ensure that every child is supported to optimise their potential and is regarded as being of equal worth with respect of race, gender and ability.

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If you would like to add your child to our waiting lists please call the school office on 01245 352788. Children can be put on our 2yr waiting list for Little Tanglewood from the age of 1 and from the age of 2 for Tanglewood. Please note that you need to add your child's name to both lists at the appropriate times. They do not automatically get put onto the Tanglewood waiting list if they have been on the Little Tanglewood list. For more information please refer to our Admissions Policy under the policies side headings.

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    Children's names can be placed on our waiting lists from the age of 1 for                                                                                                                                  Little Tanglewood and 2 for Tanglewood.                                                                                                                            Children may start Little Tanglewood from age 2 but if you are eligible for                                                                                                              funding that will not start until the term after their second birthday.                                                                                                          Tanglewood children start fully funded the term after their 3rd birthday if                                                                                                            there is a place available otherwise it will be at the next available term.                                                                                                         Sometimes children will not start until they are nearly 4 but they still do 3 full terms,                                                                                                           a school year, before starting school which is what most children do                                                                                                                                     within the nursery.                                                                                                                                                   We ask for £4 a week snack donation in Tanglewood which pays for                                                                                                          snack, cooking ingredients, playdough and slime ingredients, Ice creams at the end                                                                                                    of the summer term and a picnic on our summer term trip. .    

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