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Attending Nursery



Whilst the statutory requirements for attendance do not apply to children under 5, regular routines for young children support the settling-in process and enhance their sense of security.

They can also foster good habits for children’s later life.

Even if a child only has a part time place regular attendance is still important!

Poor attendance and punctuality, even at the earliest age, can affect achievement in later life.

Establishing good habits from the start helps children to settle quickly into new settings and routines and builds a lifelong love of learning which will help your child make the transition to school.

Attendance is also linked closely with keeping children safe.

At Tanglewood we have a ‘First Day Call’ procedure. If we have had no contact from families to say why their child is absent from school, then we will start ‘first day calling…’. This may mean that we have to call everyone on your child’s contact list until we can get an answer. It is very important that ALL of your contacts are the most up to date that they can be because if we cannot get an answer then we may have to carry out a home visit or refer the absence to any relevant agencies, e.g. children’s services.

Keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility !

You can help us to do this by keeping us informed.

Contact us by phone: 01245 352788 or by email: admin@tanglewood.essex.sch.uk.

If you are struggling with attendance or punctuality and need help or advice, please call in to the office and let us know and we will support you.