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At Tanglewood we support many children with a wide variety of additional needs or disabilities.

Funding to support children’s additional needs is either through our internal budget or via Essex County Council’s additional SEN Premium funding stream. 

If we are aware of a child’s additional needs before they start with us, we liaise with other agencies such as Speech Therapists, Specialist Teachers and Health Visitors to aim to get support in place as soon as the child starts.

At Tanglewood the team are expert in getting early help for children with educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)...Tanglewood provides excellent levels of support by working very closely with speech and language and other external agencies...children are catered for extremely well, enabling them to play and learn successfully alongside other children.(Ofsted Nov 2018)

Once children have started in either Little Tanglewood or main Tanglewood, classroom staff will assess and monitor all children’s attainment and progress. Should they have concerns about how children are developing, they will talk to parents about ways to help them both at home and in nursery.

If it is felt your child does need extra support in nursery then there is a graduated level of support!

If it is felt your child does need extra support in nursery then there is a graduated level of support. This starts with classroom staff differentiating their teaching and learning strategies to suit your child’s individual needs, such as simplifying their instructions or using pictures to help your child understand what is being asked of them. 

If it is felt that your child needs a bit more support, then you will be invited to speak to our            inclusion Manager at Tanglewood. Your child’s needs will be looked at closely to see if further referrals to other people such as Health agencies may be useful. Outcomes will be agreed with you that are important to and for your child and we will discuss what is or isn’t working.  There are termly opportunities for you to formally meet with the Inclusion Manager and classroom staff to review your child’s outcomes.

However, at Tanglewood we see the support we offer to ALL children as an ongoing and ever-changing process, and we often meet with parents informally for quick chats as and when situations or questions arise.

SEND  & Inclusion Policy 

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